Company Profile

The vaccine manufacturing facility was designed by Webster to meet the international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice facilities. These manufacturing procedural codes are strictly adhered to and as such all processes are carried out under stringent conditions of sterility to ensure the purity of the products. The Quality Assurance practices of validation, monitoring and documentation are carried out at every stage of manufacturing from the receivable of raw materials through to the release of goods for sale.

The starting materials for MVP’s vaccine are of the highest quality available and meet rigid specifications. A virus seed lot system is used to ensure consistency of performance for all vaccine batches. The virus seed lot has been rigorously tested for purity, safety and efficacy. The substrate used for virus growth is derived from animals, which are certified specific pathogen free (SPF).
In 1989, MVP (formerly known as Remee Holding) bided for the privatization project of the vaccines production unit in Veterinary Research Institute of Malaysia (VRI). At the same time it also bided to commercialize University Putra Malaysia (UPM)’s Newcastle Disease vaccine (Heat Resistance Strain). MVP secured both bids in 1992 with a condition that it has to build its own plant.

Mr Muhammad of MVP with two other shareholders, Arthur Webster Pty. Ltd. and Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) established the company and spearheaded the establishment of the first veterinary vaccines manufacturing facility in the country. This event marked MVP’s humble beginnings.

Initially, MVP started its activities by selling vaccines produced by VRI before producing its own vaccines in 1995. The technology was acquired through collaborations with VRI, UPM and Arthur Webster Pty. Ltd., Australia.
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This provides assurance that the vaccine produced from these materials is free from any extraneous disease producing organisms. Added to this, all bulk virus material is rigorously tested for sterility and virus titre before incorporation into a vaccine. Selection and training of highly skilled and dedicated staffs ensures MVP’s on-going commitment to quality.
The Practice
In 1995, MTDC took over the controlling stake from Mr Muhammad  of Remee Holdings and diversified its marketing and production activities. From a very limited product range during its  initial formation, MVP has progressed to become a company that offers wider coverage of vital vaccine formulations and ultimately becomes a truly high quality producer of animal prophylactics.

MVP is the only Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified veterinary vaccines production company in Malaysia.

In 2008, MVP went into another shares restructuring when MTDC sold 55% of its shareholding to a successful bidder, HIGHTRONIC SDN BHD. MTDC retain 22% while Fort Dodge, Aust Ltd remain its 23% shares.

In 2010, there was a big reshuffling of assets that saw Fort Dodge, Aust Ltd been taken over by Pfizer Ltd, USA. Most of Fort Dodge assets were offered for sale included MVP. Hightronic bought over that 23% shares and now become the majority shareholder with 78% shares in MVP.